We Focus on Safety so You Don’t Have To


Public safety is a top priority for Westchase District. Since 2004, crime in Westchase District has declined 23% overall, due in part to Westchase District’s public safety initiatives. They include:


  • Extra Patrols – Westchase District contracts with officers from the Houston Police Department to provide supplemental patrols in specially marked Westchase District vehicles and on bicycles. They look for any criminal activity, patrolling “hot spots” and responding to emergencies. They also perform undercover surveillance operations as needed and even go door-to-door through apartment communities to counsel residents on burglary prevention.
  • Bicycle Patrols – Officers on bicycles can reach areas vehicles cannot, i.e., within apartment communities, on trails and around shopping centers. Bicycles also let officers engage residents, employees and shoppers in a way that would be impossible in cars.
  • Camera Surveillance – We have installed cameras at numerous shopping centers, restaurants and apartment communities.  These cameras help deter crime and support criminal investigations or prosecution.
  • Crime Analysis – We maintain and analyze our own crime database to identify “hot spots” and trends, and allocate police resources more effectively.
  • Blue Star Certification – To earn this valued distinction from the Houston Police Department, apartment managers and staff must complete comprehensive safety training. Then HPD conducts a safety audit of their property. Before becoming certified, management must fix any deficiencies and host a safety education event for residents. Certification shows residents and guests that an apartment community is commited to creating the safest possible environment. Westchase District has more Blue Star-certified apartment communities than any other area of Houston.