Exercise Stations

How to Use Exercise Stations on the Library Loop Trail

Outdoor exercise stations along Westchase District’s Library Loop Trail make it easy for users to stretch, warm up and work out at any age or fitness level.   Many thanks to Keith Scruggs and the trainers and clients at B.O.N.A. Personal Training Center, 10640 Westheimer, for demonstrating proper stretching techniques, as well as unique ways to use the exercise station on the Library Loop Trail.   The station is located on the north side of the trail, about a quarter mile from the east trail entrance on Rogerdale.


Dynamic Warm-Up Exercises

Alternating Lateral Squats


Balance to Walk


Romanian Lunges


Inch Worms


Stretching Options


Greatest Stretch in the World


Plyometric Exercises

Step Up Jump Up to Lateral Raise


Progressive Jump Lunges


Lateral Jumps with Step-Over Option


Lateral Elevated Jump Lunges


Box Jump Progression


Alternating Jump Lunges


Strength Exercises



Close-Grip Push-Ups with Mountain Climbers


En Español: La Gartijas con Sube Montañas




Push-Up Variations


Body Rows


Seated Dip Variation


Core Exercises

Set-Ups with Flavor


Ab Progression 1